Transformers News: Combiner Wars Computron, Liokaiser Artwork Images Leaked

Posted on 6:19 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Seems the Combiner Wars hype is not yet over, as leaked images circulating the net of Computron and Liokaiser artwork images surfaced.

Based on the image, Liokaiser (originally an original Japanese Transformers character appeared in Transformers Victory TV series) is made up of five combiner parts instead of the original six components and its composed of 2 recolored versions of Air Raid (Guyhawk and Hellbat), 2 retooled/recolored versions of Brawl (Killbison and Drillhorn), and a recolored version of the recently released Sky Lynx (Leozack). Could this might be a possibility that this artwork will be used officially in the Combiner Wars line and if there is a possibility an updated toy version of him will be released in the future? But, don't give on your high hopes just yet, since its still a rumor though.

Computron on the other hand, the leaked images surfaced not just the artwork, but also a possible toy form of him as well, given the fact Hasbro released Scattorshot, so its possible that his Technobot buddies are not far behind, also there's a possibility a retooled toy version of the TakaraTomy-exclusive only Deluxe Groove from the Unite Warriors Defensor set as Afterburner will be a part of Computron's limbs given the fact the artwork image seen here is a dead giveaway.

For now, these news are still rumors, until Hasbro officially announced it, so we have to stay tuned for further developments. Thanks to TFW2005 for this news.

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