Transformers News: Transformers Titans Return Fortress Maximus Official Images

Posted on 7:17 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Following the official unveiling of Fortress Maximus that will be released in the Titans Return line at this year's New York toy Fair, Hasbro wasted no time and posted the official images online.

Fort Max returns its status as the largest Transformer toy, probably given the fact he's now an inch taller to Titans class Metroplex. Like his G1 counter part, Titans Fort Max retains his Headmaster gimmick, Cerebros now transforms into Fort Max's central tower (aside from being the head of Fort Max itself) in city and ship modes and Spike (now called Emissary) transforms to Cerebros' head, which is now G1 cartoon accurate. Although the ship mode is now quite accurate, I'm a little disappointed at its city mode which resembles to his battle station mode in the original G1 toy, I preferably like the original mode better.

As stated in my last post, the toy will feature light and sound gimmick and he can be connected to the other Titans Return Leader class figures via interconnecting ramps. No word as of yet when Fort Max will be released.

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