Super Robot News: Super Robot Chogokin Kotetsu Jeeg Official Images

Posted on 6:35 PM by Robot Pilipinas

We're getting another Go Nagai mecha that will be released in the Super Robot Chogokin line and this time, its Jeeg which was unveiled at last year's Tamashii Nation event. Thank god, its not another Mazinger Z variant release.

The upcoming release of SRC Jeeg is based on the original 1975 classic version which is controlled by the original Jeeg himself, Hiroshi Shiba. Unlike the previously released Soul of Chogokin Kotetsushin Jeeg, the classic Jeeg will not feature a build-up magne joint feature as the figure cannot be separated, instead the SRC version will feature a movable mechanism in the chest giving the figure a full motion range of articulation which allows Jeeg to do a variety of action poses, including his signature pose, the Knuckle Bomber pose.

The SRC Jeeg will include optional set of hands, Knuckle Bomber hand accessory, pair of Mach Drills, and a Tamashii display base joint parts. Its slated for August release and priced at 9,504 Yen.

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