Transformers News: Transformers Masterpiece Megatron 2.0 Revealed

Posted on 11:24 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Yes, its official: we are getting a new version of Masterpiece Megatron and judging from the pics, the figure is absolutely stunning.

Taken from the latest magazine scan, MP Megs is much better proportionate robot mode and also in-scale with MP-10 Optimus Prime, compared to the previous version that was released in 2007. Unlike from the previous version, Megs will be getting a plenty of accessories and gimmicks, and really mean plenty. For starters, Megatron will be finally getting its silencer and stock accessories in his gun mode which was absent in the previous version, second he also comes with pristine and damaged armor parts which depicted in Transformers: The Movie. Third, as trend in the larger Transformers Masterpiece figures, Megatron will be getting 3 additional facial expressions with the first two are pristine faces while the third a damaged version, again as depicted in Transformers: The Movie. Fourth, since Megs is getting a face swap, when you remove the face, underneath it reveals his exo-skeletal face which was shown in the movie when he was reformatted into Galvatron.

Aside from the additional accessories he will be getting, Megatron will still include his energy mace which is an all new mold, and I'm wondering if the sword, pistol (which he used in the movie), and Kreemzeek will still be included. The previously released 2007 Masterpiece version's gun mode is much bigger than the 1:1 scale of the actual Walter-P38 gun, but in the upcoming figure, it is now life size scale, I'm betting he will be getting an orange cap attached on its barrel due to the fact it still depicts an actual gun.

Masterpiece Megatron ver. 2.0 is slated to be released next year though no word as of yet what month he will be released and the official pricing, let's just wait until the release of the official images from TakaraTomy.

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