Transformers News: Transformers Masterpiece Megatron 2.0 Additional Information

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A follow-up info from my previous post regarding the upcoming Transformers Masterpiece Megatron ver. 2.0 and thanks to user Deruji over at TFW2005, we now have a clearer images and info, translated in English.

Again, the pics are scanned from the latest from Figure-Oh magazine where I have the chopped page version from the last post, this one its the whole 2-page scanned article info on Megs and seems I've missed a few points on some info that I find it are noteworthy. First are the accessories; as I've mentioned in my last post that he will include damaged armor parts depicted from Transformers: The Movie, it turns out only the damaged chest is the only armor piece that is interchangeable to the pristine one. As I've also mentioned that the stock and silencer are included has also a gimmick feature: similar to the original G1 toy, the silencer and stock forms Megs Particle Beam cannon, you can also create Megs' telescopic laser cannon gimmick where the fusion cannon is mounted on his face via his gun barrel on its back and the stock has another feature: it doubles as a flight stand for Megatron where you can pose him in flight while shooting in the air, there's no need for another stand as its now provided for this set.

Remember I've mentioned previously that he also comes with an energy mace that is an all new toy mold? It also comes with a jointed plastic chain that can be interchanged from the real chain included which you can posed the weapon dynamically. This also confirms the laser gun and laser dagger/sword will still be included which is an all new toy mold like the mace, but unfortunately for poor Kremzeek; he will not be included, but instead it will include 2 more additional accessories: a brain control helmet, which Megs used to control a cloned shell version of Optimus Prime in the episode, A Prime Problem and a Vector Sigma key which he used from the 2 part episode, The Key to Vector Sigma. Similar to the MP-5, Megs 2.0 has also a light-up gimmick on its fusion cannon where you can replicate Megatron's firing of the deadly weapon.

In my opinion, this is the most cartoon accurate Megatron figure to date leaving the 3rd party versions and even TakaraTomy's own MP-5 version bite the dust. Masterpiece Megatron ver. 2.0 is slated to be released next year and yes, we've waited an eternity for this, just as Megatron said. :D

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