Transformers News: Transformers Titans Return Trypticon Official Images

Posted on 12:01 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Hasbro released its icing to their cake to their Titans Return line, a Titan class Trypticon figure; the third figure to be released in the said class size, following its rival Metroplex and Fortress Maximus.

Hasbro first teased the official image of Trypticon last Monday but swiftly removed the image in their Instagram account, fortunately IGN released the said image along with images of his 2 modes: the city mode and the battle station / spaceship mode, prototype and design sketch images of this colossal figure. I'm just glad Trypticon himself is not a Titan Master / Headmaster however his mini partner, Full-Tilt; which is now a Deluxe sized figure is a Titan Master with Necro served as its head and like his G1 toy counterpart, Full-Tilt still transforms to his vehicle mode which also serves as Trypticon's chestplate when the latter transforms to his Dino mode.

The figure is well detailed, has lots of articulation and like TR Fort Max, Trypticon can connect with other Titans Return Leader class figures to create a Nemesis command base, and also features that he can 'eat' Titan Master figures which can be pulled out on his stomach.

Currently, the toy of Trypticon itself is showcased at this year's NY Toy Fair. Trypticon will be released this Fall, priced at USD149.99.

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