Transformers News: Transformers Unite Warriors Baldigus Official Images

Posted on 6:15 PM by Robot Pilipinas

TakaraTomy has done it again this time: they just released the official images of the upcoming Unite Warriors version of Baldigus, known to the West as Ruination that appeared in 2000 Transformers series, Transformers Car Robots (in Japan) and as Transformers Robots in Disguise (RID) the following year (aired in the US), and he will be released as a TakaraTomy Mall exclusive set.

As most of the Unite Warriors combiners figures released are Transformers Generation 1 combiners, Baldigus is being the first combiner character to be released in the line that is not G1 though he's a recolored version of the recently released Bruticus. But unlike his G1 counterpart, Baldigus will include additional weapons which are combinable as depicted in the anime and newer hands and feet parts; a recolored version that came from the Combiner Wars Computron set that was released in the States.

Since all combiners feature interchangeable limbs and Baldigus will benefit from this because the interchangeable limb gimmick was depicted in the anime in two modes: the Flight and Land Mission modes and he will be released in his original Japanese Car Robot colors with matching inverted G2 Autobot marking. I'm wondering if Hasbro is going to respond to this, if they have plans to release their own version of Baldigus or so to say, Ruination.

Baldigus set is composed of Dorailer (known as Mega-Octane in the US), Dangar (Armorhide), Greejeeber (Rollbar), Hepter (Ro-Tor), and Shuttler (Movor), 12 weapons (where 2 each for the limbs, 4 for Dorailer), hand and feet parts. Pre-order for this set starts today, October 25 and slated to be released March next year, priced at 16,200 Yen.

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