Super Robot News: Dynamite Action! Dai Apolon Official Images

Posted on 3:22 AM by Robot Pilipinas

EVOLUTION TOY unleashes the Super Robot Dai Apolon (Diapolon) as their next figure to be released in their Dynamite Action! line.

The figure has die-cast parts, fully poseable, and intricate detail, its the first anime accurate Dai Apolon figure to be released in over 40 years since the Super Robot debuted in 1976. Like in the anime, Dai Apolon is formed from 3 robots: Apolons Headder, Trunker and Legger which can be combined (probably though parts forming) and each component is articulated and fully poseable.

Dai Apolon comes with its signature weapon; the Dai Apolon Ball, Cutter Saucer, pair of Apolon Cutter for the arms and legs, Elbow Guard, Moon Cross blades, Apolon Saucer effect part, optional set of hands, 2 versions of Space Clear jet (small and large which the smaller one can store in Headder's chest) and 2 versions of UFO Fighters 00 and 66 (small and large which the smaller ones can be stored in Trunker and Legger's chests respectively).

Dai Apolon will come with a limited bonus accessory : 2 additional UFO Fighters 22 and 99 (large versions) that will be part of the set in the initial release of the figure. It is slated to be released this coming October, priced at 29,800 Yen.

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