Super Robot News: DX Soul Of Chogokin Combattler V Official Images

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Bandai dropped the bomb again to its Super Robot fans with their upcoming release of Combattler V as the next DX Soul of Chogokin figure in the line.

Combattler V is the third DX SOC figure to be released following Great Mazinger, ironically the original Soul of Chogokin toy was also the third figure to be released when the SOC line first started out much like the order of toy release as well: Mazinger Z -> Great Mazinger -> Combattler V. Like Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger, Combattler V will feature die-cast parts, sound gimmicks and intricate detail on the figure. Though it lacks the armor removing feature from the first 2 figures released in the DX SOC, Combattler V is focused on its combining gimmick with features a dock effect sounds and "Let's Combine!" background music (BGM) while combining the figure.

The display base has also a sound gimmick: when you connect Roppet onto his base dock, it'll play "Combine OK" sound, (originally voiced by Masako Nozawa, who's also known as the voice of Son Gokou from the Dragonball franchise) and the main pilot, Hyoma Aoi (originally voiced by Yuuji Mitsuya) shouting Combattler V while setting the combined figure onto the base. There are over 15 voice sound dialogues from both Roppet and Hyoma, and 3 BGM sounds; including Combattler V's main theme.

Combattler V comes with its 11 iconic weapons (like the Chodenji Yoyo, Chodenji Spin, Twin Lancer, etc.), an electronic display base which you can display either in Battler machine components or combined as Combattler V, interchangeable hands and a Roppet figure which can dock at the electronic base to activate its sound gimmick. Requires 12 LR-41 and 2 AA batteries to power its sound gimmicks. Its slated for December release, priced at 59,940 Yen. Check out the promotional video below.

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