Other Robot News: Robot Damashii Zwauth Official Images

Posted on 3:55 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Following the release of Robot Damashii Sirbine last year (which is also getting a re-release this year), Bandai will be releasing its rival, the Zwauth in the said line as a Tamashii Web exclusive figure.

The Zwauth is by far, the biggest Aura Battler figure that will be released in the Robot Damashii line to date (you know how monstrous it is compared to the Sirbine). Like the Sirbine, the Zwauth is the descendant to the early Aura Battler, the Zwarth. The Zwauth comes with its own set of hands, Aura sword, shield and a special display base specifically to hold this massive beast.

Due to huge demand, Premium Bandai is now accepting 2nd batch of pre-orders for Zwauth and it will be released this coming December. The RD Zwauth is priced at 19,980 Yen.

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