Gundam News: Robot Damashii -Ka signature- FAZZ Official Images

Posted on 1:25 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Premium Bandai will be releasing the mass-produced FAZZ from the photo novel, Gundam Sentinel in the Robot Damashii -Ka signature- series as a Tamashii Web exclusive.

The RD FAZZ is a retool of the previously released RD Full Armor ZZ Gundam in 2014 but unlike the latter, the FAZZ's armor is fully removable and it has a chest missile hatch when the cover is removed. Another feature is the Hyper Mega cannon's mount on the right backpack is also articulated which can be swiveled so you can do various poses with the cannon is attached to the mount.

The FAZZ includes its Full Armor parts, Hyper Mega cannon, and Double Beam rifle which can be attached on the latter's armored right arm or hand held. Pre-orders for this figure is still ongoing, slated for October release, priced at 14,580 Yen.

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