Transformers News: Transformers Legends Clonebots, Blitzwing, & Overlord Official Images

Posted on 7:59 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Thanks to TFW2005, we now have official images of the upcoming Transformers Legends Clonebot set, Blitzwing and Overlord that will be released next year.

Let's start off with the Clonebot set which is a recolor of Titans Return Fastlane (aka Fastclash); which was included in the Chaos on Velocitron giftset and Cloudraker which will be released soon with Wingspan in clone VS gift pack set. Blitzwing now sports with a G1 color deco. He comes with a black version of Shuffler which was originally released separately in the Titans Return line.

The biggest change in the line is Overlord, which not only he sports a darker color scheme to match his G1 appearance, he also comes with 2 headmasters represented by Mega and Giga (which originally are Godmaster engines in the original toy and anime) which gives Overlord 2 head versions which can be swapped. Aside from that, it also sports a different front chest panel cover design and also comes with 2 pseudo Godmaster engines inside his chest in place of his 2 partners which became Overlord's heads.

TF Legends LG-58 Clonebot set, LG-59 Blitzwing and LG-60 Overlord will be released January next year.

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