Transformers News: Transformers Masterpiece Hot Rodimus (Targetmaster Ver.) Official Images

Posted on 9:37 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Again many thanks to TFW2005, we now have official images of Transformers Masterpiece Hot Rodimus (aka Hot Rod), which now comes with a Targetmaster weapon.

So how's different from the previously released MP Hot Rod? Slight difference: (1) MP-40 Hot Rodimus sports with a darker paint scheme, (2) the latter's engine block in vehicle mode has been changed which allows to mount the Targetmaster partner in weapon mode, and (3) He comes with Firebolt Targetmaster weapon partner which is obviously came from the US release of Masterpiece Rodimus Prime which was previously released years ago and most of his accessories from the previous release were removed from the set, only left is one of his original blasters that will be included, which is now red colored.

I can see that TakaraTomy is milking our wallets again with these repaints with new accessories, I can't understand why they didn't think of adding Firebolt from the original release, rather re-releasing it with a new deco. I think many of you fans are disappointed with this, don't you think?

Anyways, Transformers Masterpiece MP-40 Hot Rodimus (Targetmaster ver.) is slated to be released January next year.

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