Jollibee Did A Super Sentai Parody In Their Latest Commercial

Posted on 4:40 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Jollibee's commercials are hilarious when it comes promoting their food to the audiences, their latest commercial which the Philippine fastfood giant did was a Super Sentai parody which I find it entertaining.

In their latest JolliSavers Value Meals commercial titled "Petsa de Peligro time? It's JolliSavers time!" where the office guys asked their officemate ladies where they should eat for lunch and the latter replied to a place that's delicious, which the guys reacted and said "Mahal" (expensive) and the three teleported away to the robot (named Payday Robot) which they piloted with matching colored helmets which is a homage to the Super Robot pilots wearing, even the robot has an office attire to its design (glasses and necktie) akin to the latter's pilots. What's more hilarious about this commercial it has some cues from the Super Sentai franchise (poses, theme song and Japanese language), particularly the 3 office guys wearing red, blue and yellow long sleeves, which takes cues from the Super Sentai series, Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan (see image below).

The commercial garnered around 603k views and 593 shares on Jollibee's official Facebook page where the video was posted last September 17. You can watch the commercial video below.

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