Super Robot News: METAL BUILD Mazinger Z Official Images

Posted on 3:58 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Bandai finally released the official images of Mazinger Z; the first Super Robot that will be released in the METAL BUILD line next year.

The figure is based from the upcoming film, Mazinger Z Infinity that will be shown in Japanese theaters next year. As much I like the previous Mazinger toy incarnations, I kinda like this one better, it has very intricate detail to this figure design which looks like Mazinger has been patched up. And side from detail and die-cast parts, the figure has excellent articulation which you can do his iconic poses, not to mention a plethora of accessories that it comes with which you can replace it easily by detaching its outer armor plate parts.

Mazinger Z comes with 2 versions of Hover Pilder, 2 pairs of optional hands, pair of Iron Cutter blades, Jet Scrander, alternate Jet Scrander waist lock (opened, revealing Missile Punch on its belly), Missile Punch, 2 Southern Cross Knife launch effect parts which can be attached to the Jet Scrander's wings, pair of Rocket Punch detachment parts, pair of Drill Missile parts, 2 large afterburner effect parts, 4 small afterburner effect parts, 2 clear stands and a Mazinger Z display base / stand.

Its slated to be released February next year, priced at a whopping 21,600 Yen.

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