Transformers News: More Transformers Power Of The Primes Toys Official Images

Posted on 3:58 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Okay we have more Power Of The Primes toys coming our way as revealed at the recent New York Comic Con, which official CG render images and art released courtesy of Hasbro after its unveiling.

The next batch of PotP figures that will be released are the Terrorcons (finally) composed of Sinnertwin, Rippersnapper, Blot, Cutthroat and their leader, Hun-Gurr where the five forms Abominus. Next is Rodimus Unicronus, which is obviously a retool of upcoming PotP Rodimus Prime (yeah I'm kinda surprised that they made an evil version of the latter), and much like the original, Unicronus' Deluxe pre-cursor form named Nemesis Hot Rod transforms and evolves (which combines with the trailer) forming a Leader class scale figure.

Let's not forget that the upcoming Prime Master figures (with their Pretender shells / weapon modes) that will be released in this wave which composed of Vector Prime with Metalhawk armor (homage to the Chojin Masterforce character's Pretender shell), Alchemist Prime with Submarauder armor, and Alpha Trion (yes, he's turned into a Prime Master figure in this line) with Landmine armor. They will also be releasing Windcharger as a Legends class figure (finally a G1 homage design) and for those who missed getting Skrapnel (aka Shrapnel) in the Transformers Generations line, good news, he will be reissued in PotP.

All of the figures that were unveiled will be released Spring next year (that's sometime around late February or early March).

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