NY Toy Fair 2018: Power Of The Primes Predaking Officially Unveiled

Posted on 4:57 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Hasbro formally unleashes the Decepticon combiner Predaking as the highlight of their Power of the Primes line-up which was unveiled at the recent Toy Fair over the weekend. Here's what we know about the upcoming toy release.

The toy that was unveiled at the event is a Titan Class figure which the second Titan class combiner that will be released, the first being Devastator. Predaking is composed of 5 Voyager class sized Predacon figures composed of their leader, Razorclaw, Rampage, Divebomb, Tantrum (renamed as Torox for trademark reasons) and Headstrong. Unlike the previously released 5-member combiner teams or the original Generation 1 toy for that matter, Predaking can't interchange its arms to legs or vice versa like the usual combiner. Four of the Predacons has a built-in combiner ports all over their bodies: Rampage and Divebomb has the shoulder ports (left & right respectively) while Tantrum (Torox) and Headstrong has the thigh ports (left & right) and Divebomb has an additional port: backpack wings holds also Predaking's mid torso section with the thigh port connectors included.

Like Devastator, Predaking will be released only as a giftset and the figure stands at 18 inches in height (in combined mode). Like all of the Power of the Prime releases, Predaking comes with a Prime Master Onyx Prime figure with a Matrix housing which can be inserted at the back of Razorclaw's lion head. My thoughts on this figure? Though Predaking may be the blockiest or brick Transformer combiner that will be released, from the what I've seen in these images, Predaking may well be a solid figure. Though no word as of yet when will the figure will be released, so I'm assuming this will be released around mid of this year.

An interesting note, Predaking toy is in-scale with the previously released 5-bot Combiner Wars toys as depicted in the defunct Dreamwave comics, with an art by Guido Guidi.

Images courtesy of TFW2005 and Unicron.com.

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