Super Robot News: Soul of Chogokin F.A. Voltes V Official Images

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Bandai finally releases their new Soul of Chogokin subline called Soul of Chogokin F.A. (Full Action) with Voltes V; the first figure which will be released on the new line, but also releasing in the normal SOC line count, designated as GX-79.

As the name implies, the new SOC FA is dedicated to bring the Super Robot figures to its full poseable articulation potential but sacrificing the mecha's main gimmick. For Voltes V which is a combiner, its combining and separating to its 5 Volt machines were sacrificed but it gives the figure full articulation which you can pose it to its iconic poses from the anime.

Standing at least 180mm or 18cm, smaller to its SOC brother and a bit taller to the SOC Mazinger Z (Dynamic Classics ver., image shown) and the figure contains die-cast parts, SOC FA Voltes V comes with a plethora of weapons that it comes with, such as Chodenji String x2, Chodenji Goma x2, Grand Fire part, Chain Knuckles x2, Gatling Missle x2, Voltes Bazooka, Tenkuu-ken, optional set of hands and a display base.

Slated for August release, the Soul of Chogokin F.A. GX-79 Voltes V is priced at 15,120 Yen.

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