Transformers News: Fansproject Casuality New Updates

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Fansproject Casuality promo teaser 2 image

Here's a first Transformers news for the new year.

In my previous news post over at the incoming Fansproject new project called Casuality, here are some new updates on their project revealing the new remolds of their previously released Crossfire figures Warcry (Munitioner) and Flameblast (Explorer) in toy form.

Fansproject Warcry promo imageFansproject Flameblast promo image

Aside from that, Fansproject finally revealed the three new figures for the line. They are named Stormshred, Thunderbomb, and Backfire, which revealed to be new Insecticon figures for the line.

Fansproject Warcry and Flameblast toy imageFansproject Warcry and Flameblast toy image 2

Check out these hi-res images of their new project. These figures are slated for this year with the following release dates:

CA-01 Warcry - March release
CA-02 Flameblast - April release
CA-03 Stormshred - May release
CA-04 Thunderbomb - June release
CA-05 Backfire - July release

Fansproject will be also releasing more figures / add-ons this year.

(Audacity) Amelioration of Novel form, HeartMaster — HM-001

So check out for updates on these upcoming news. Thanks to prawisucia of TFW2005 for the heads-up.

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