Macross News: DX Chogokin YF-30 Chronos Official Images

Posted on 5:12 AM by Robot Pilipinas

 photo Macross30DXChogokinYF-30Chronosoffcialimage00_zpsa3d8db64.jpg

Bandai's Tamashii website has officially posted official images of the upcoming YF-30 Chronos that will be released in the DX Chogokin line.

 photo Macross30DXChogokinYF-30Chronosoffcialimage01_zpsbe68e4c6.jpg photo Macross30DXChogokinYF-30Chronosoffcialimage02_zpsff627028.jpg photo Macross30DXChogokinYF-30Chronosoffcialimage03_zpsf53f30cc.jpg

The YF-30 Chronos was first appeared as a game exclusive from the PS3 Macross 30 last year, as part of the anniversary of the anime franchise. Like the game, the YF-30 Chronos, was designed by the Macross mecha guru Shoji Kawamori which he also supervise designing this figure making figure game accurate and has excellent articulation which can do amazing poses. The Chronos' design is a combination element on one of his old VF designs, the VF-11 Thunderbolt with designs from the current VF series such as the Messiah, Prophecy and Durandal.

 photo Macross30DXChogokinYF-30Chronosoffcialimage08_zps25a37a71.jpg photo Macross30DXChogokinYF-30Chronosoffcialimage07_zps8a8749da.jpg photo Macross30DXChogokinYF-30Chronosoffcialimage09_zps76c9f5e5.jpg photo Macross30DXChogokinYF-30Chronosoffcialimage0a_zps42015729.jpg photo Macross30DXChogokinYF-30Chronosoffcialimage0c_zps14d55324.jpg photo Macross30DXChogokinYF-30Chronosoffcialimage05_zps12c31c4b.jpg photo Macross30DXChogokinYF-30Chronosoffcialimage06_zps64723412.jpg photo Macross30DXChogokinYF-30Chronosoffcialimage0d_zpse346a6de.jpg photo Macross30DXChogokinYF-30Chronosoffcialimage0e_zpse4cbba01.jpg photo Macross30DXChogokinYF-30Chronosoffcialimage10_zps383d3ccb.jpg photo Macross30DXChogokinYF-30Chronosoffcialimage11_zpsc751f67e.jpg photo Macross30DXChogokinYF-30Chronosoffcialimage0f_zps1ec0c964.jpg

The YF-30 Chronos comes with wrist replacement parts, missile pod that can be retractable in Fighter mode with 36 highly detailed missile pods with covers that can be opened or closed, standard Gun pod that also extends to cannon mode, can be mounted on the belly when in fighter mode and a Tamashii stage base.

The YF-30 Chronos is slated for August 2014 release and priced at 21,600 Yen.

 photo Macross30DXChogokinYF-30Chronosoffcialimage04_zpsc1bb7c7b.jpg

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