Transformers News: TF Combiner Wars Devastator Official Images

Posted on 2:21 PM by Robot Pilipinas

It's finally here! Fresh from the recent Hasbro Toy Fair 2015, this confirms that Hasbro will officially release the Combiner Wars Devastator this Fall.

Still stoked that they will release Devastator and it will be sold as a giftset. Too bad they will not be released individually. But I don't dig the head design and its also kinda small for a big body for Devy, but what the heck, this is still Devastator and I love it, don't you agree?

Here's the official press release of this figure:

TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS COMBINER WARS figures form some of the largest TRANSFORMERS robots ever seen, and this one tops them all. This mega-pack unites all six of the CONSTRUCTICONS in one place. Each figure is rendered in incredible detail and features impressive conversion from robot to construction vehicle and back. But that's just the beginning — the six Voyager Scale figures combine to form the ultimate DECEPTICON weapon: the mighty CONSTRUCTICON DEVASTATOR, the largest TRANSFORMERS COMBINER robot figure

Like the original Generation 1 toy, Devastator is formed from 6 Constructicons, all of them also transform into the updated construction vehicle modes. Devastator will include Scrapper, Scavenger, Bonecrusher, Long Haul, Hook, and Mixmaster; their original weapons/accessories that will form the mighty Devastator.

It will be released this coming Fall and priced at USD 149.99. Thanks to TFW2005 for this big news.

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