Transformers News: Hasbro Reveals Prime Wars Trilogy - UPDATED

Posted on 10:30 AM by Robot Pilipinas

If you think the Combiner Wars is over, think again as Hasbro reveals that the Combiner Wars is part of a chapter to a grand storyline called 'Prime Wars' and it is revealed that the next chapter, Titans Return will start in Fall next year.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Prime Wars is a 3-chapter story will provide a framework for Transformers storytelling that will across multiple mediums (animation, comics and video games)  and consumer products (i.e. toys) within the next three to four years. This move follows similar steps will be taken by Hasbro and Paramount Pictures and they are planning for a cohesive cinematic universe that unfolds over the next 10 years. Combiner Wars will conclude in Summer next year and the Titans Return (formerly known as Titan Wars) will start in Fall.

Currently, Titans Return will start releasing new wave of toys were unveiled at NYCC 2015 and a comic by IDW Publishing is on the way (check out the Sentinel Prime art image above). "We decided to initiate the creation of a bigger deeper worlds, The fan reaction was really good. And that’s when we decided we wanted to make this a trilogy and really make this immersive. And when we say immersive, that means to create that experience across all different platforms, to take it across everything that we do." according to David Erwin, Hasbro’s Transformers story team.

Titans Return will run for a year and after it concludes, the final chapter of Prime Wars trilogy will start around late 2017 or early 2018.

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