NYCC 2015: Transformers Titans Return Toys Unveiled - UPDATED

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Heads-up folks (and I really literally mean heads-up), Hasbro finally revealed the new Transformers toyline called Titans Return (formerly known as Titan Wars), that was unveiled at the on-going NYCC 2015.

As posted in the previous article, Titans Return is reportedly will be a part of the trilogy called Prime Wars after Combiner Wars will conclude Summer next year. Titans Return will focus mostly now on Headmasters as Hasbro unveiled the upcoming toys in preparation for the said line.

Finally Brainstorm (which was previously released in the Generations line) will not be alone anymore as now he's got friends, check out the toy images of upcoming Hardhead and Blaster (which the toy image was first leaked months back). Hardhead will still have the Generation 1 look of his alt mode and the Headmaster gimmick function albeit the tech spec meter gimmick missing, Blaster on the other hand, that not only he's now a Headmaster, he also a triple changer as well, transforming from robot to tape deck boombox to a mini base. Of course Blaster will have a tape deck gimmick for storing cassette-type mini robots such as Rewind and Stripes that will also be released in the line and like their master, Stripes and Rewind are triple changers, transforms from robot to a cassette-type to vehicle.

Of course if there are Autobot Headmasters, there will be Decepticon Headmasters as well, check out the toy images of Galvatron and Skullcruncher. Galvatron will be released as a Leader-class Voyager class toy and the first Galvatron figure that is a Headmaster, and finally Hasbro did some justice as Galvy once more transforms to its classic Cybetronian cannon, this takes the Transformers Universe toy version to the recycle bin. Skullcruncher is also a sweet figure to drool with he transforms to Alligator which is a homage to the previous Generation 1 toy. I bet fans are waiting to get hands on these figures which will be released soon.

Thanks to TFW2005 for the news and images.

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