Super Sentai News: Power Rangers Legacy Thunder Megazord Official Images

Posted on 7:43 PM by Robot Pilipinas

Entertainemt Earth has posted in their pre-order page the official images for the highly anticipated Legacy Megazord figure that will be released this coming February 2016.

The figure was first unveiled at this year's San Diego Comic Convention, it is an entirely new mold based on the DX Dairen-Oh from the series, Gosei Sentai Dairanger. The figure is much smaller compared the original DX release and the figure contains die-cast parts. If you are asking that the Thunder Megazord is compatible with the recently released Legacy White Tigerzord and the answer is yes, it is compatible, combining the four Thunderzord components together with the White Tigerzord forms the Mega Tigerzord.

Like the original DX figure, the Legacy Thunder Megazord can separated into 5 Thunderzord components and it will includes its sword with sheath, the Red Dragonzord staff and the spear blade. Better prepare your wallets this figure is quite pricey as the SRP for this figure is USD199.99. To pre-order for this figure, click HERE.

Thanks to Toku Nation for the news.

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