Gundam News: Robot Damashii Barzam Kai Additional Gimmick Feature Revealed

Posted on 1:54 AM by Robot Pilipinas

With the upcoming release of a Tamashii Web exclusive Robot Damashii x Ka signature series Barzam Kai this June, Premium Bandai released an additional gimmick to this figure in the pre-order page.

The additional gimmick mentioned in the website will feature the Barzam Kai will be compatible to the G-Defenser and arm joint accessories that comes from the recently released Armor Girls Project MS Girl Gundam Mk.II (Titans ver.) and the additional Grenade launcher and the claw shield the upcoming exclusive option parts set where you can dock the Barzam to the G-Defenser in similar manner to the base unit, the Gundam Mk. II and also attaching the additional weapons using the arm joint parts.

Since the MS Girl version of the Barzam Kai (also from the mentioned set) is almost the same height as its RD counterpart, you can do various attachments to the mobile suit using the above mentioned accessories. Check out the sample images above of the AGP MS Girl Barzam Kai with the accessories attached, try imagine doing that to the RD version.

The RD version of Barzam Kai is still open for pre-orders and its priced at 8,964 Yen


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