Super Robot News: Super Robot Chogokin Great Mazinkaiser Official Images

Posted on 12:58 AM by Robot Pilipinas

Bandai will be releasing another Mazinger figure in their Super Robot Chogokin line and its the Great Mazinkaiser from the manga Shin Mazinger ZERO VS The Great General of Darkness, which will be released as Tamashii Web exclusive figure.

Great Mazinkaiser is almost identical to the original Mazinkaiser but it has more sharp design compared to the original. I have no doubt that Great Mazinkaiser is the upgrade of Great Mazinger in the Shin Mazinger ZERO manga and no doubt that Tetsuya Tsurigi is the pilot of this beast. Great Mazinkasier comes with 3 additional optional left hands, 2 additional optional right hands, 2 Wing parts: one expanded and retracted which can either attached on its back, and Kaiser Sword.

Premium Bandai is still accepting pre-orders for SRC Great Mazinkaiser and it will be released this coming October, priced at 12,960 Yen.

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