Super Sentai News: Super Sentai Artisan DX Dairen-Oh Official Images

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Premium Bandai will be releasing the Dairangers' primariy mecha, the Dairen-Oh in their Super Sentai Artisan series.

The Dairen-Oh is basically a reissue from the previously released DX Gosei Gattai Dairen-Oh in 1993 when Gosei Sentai Dairanger first aired rather releasing the updated toy, the Thunder Megazord which was released in the Power Rangers Legacy line. The reissued toy is given some new changes compared to the original version like Dairen-Oh's holed fists got smaller, Daiohken is now painted and gold chromed, and the designs on the Mythical Qi beast which were originally stickers are replaced with most of it are molded designed and painted over, I can see quite a comparison there while I was looking at my friend's owned Dairen-Oh and/or pics from the internet to see the difference.

The DX Dairen-Oh comes with the same accessories as the original release that includes all of the 5 Mythical Qi beasts (Ryusei-Oh, Shishi, Tenma, Kirin, and Hou-Oh), Qi Palace base, Dragon rod, Mythical Qi Beast Hou-oh tail / Dai Javelin blade, Daiohken, alternate Dairen-Oh mask with painted eyes on visor and 5 mini Dairanger figures which can be mounted on the Qi beasts' heads and inside Dairen-Oh's chest.

Pre-orders for this set is still ongoing and if the pre-orders reached 3,000, Premium Bandai will include the Dairangers' Lai-lai gems as a bonus to the pre-ordered customers. Slated to be released March next year, the Super Sentai Artisan DX Gosei Gattai Dairen-Oh is priced at 23,760 Yen.

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